Welcome from the Pastor

Pastor Mark outside the church.


I’m Pastor Mark Pedersen and I would like to welcome you to FUMC Marlin website. Thank you for choosing to spend a few moments looking around our website and discovering who we are as a Church.

First Methodist Marlin is a beautiful historic church, with roots going back all the way to 1857 when the first Methodist community was formed in this area. As a church, we seek to remember our rich history, while looking forward to the future. As Methodists we see our mission as “Making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.” We do this through community, worship, small group and outreach.

While you are browsing the website, you will learn about our programs and get a glimpse of who we are, but only a glimpse. To fully understand who we are. I invite you to come to a worship service or try out a small group and feel the up-close, in-person fellowship that comes when people share time together with the Holy Spirit present. Enjoy the website, then come. Our church would love to meet you and know you.

First_United_Methodist__Marlin-3If you are looking for a church that seeks to live out the Gospel in a tangible way, then I invite you to attend our Traditional Worship Service at 11:00 Sunday morning, or one of our other events. If you would like more information, please feel free to contact me online or in person.

Pastor Mark Pedersen

Email: pastorfmcmarlin@gmail.com

Phone: 254-883-3152


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